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IMG_20160131_113649_rUn’accozzaglia di robe utili, ché non vengano disperse o dimenticate dietro un cuscino del quadrato o in macchina a terra…

GPS Lawrance Elite-5m HD. Procedura di Reset

******Soft Reset**** Power unit down, press Pages key and power key (once), hold Pages keys until USA map appears. This will not delete waypoints or other user saved data.
******Hard Reset***** This method will delete waypoints and trails so be sure to back them up first unless you have no choice. Shut unit off, press Zoom in, Zoom out, and the power key (once), hold Zoom keys until USA map appears. Unit will reset to factory default, you will need to allow time for unit to reinitialize gps position. This may take up to a few minutes on the first gps position lock

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GPS Lawrance Elite-5m HD. Manuale


VHF_IMG_20160131_095907– Comitato di regata a Shasa, ricordatevi che il VHF non funziona senza telefono. Cambio.

– Shasa per Comitato di regata, vi abbiamo copiato. Confermate grazie.


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